Mr. Rajiv Maheshwari

Has over 23 years of Investment Banking experience with special emphasis in areas of Mergers & Acquisitions, Amalgamations, Infrastructure Financing, Media, Education, Ports, Airports, Airlines, Banking, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Real Estate and Defence.

Has managed a number of cross border transactions, offshore financing, placement of bonds, FCCBs, ECBs, Overseas listing of Indian companies, on global exchanges like London (AIM), Luxembourg, Singapore and Switzerland.

He was part of an Investor Group involved in setting up a long only and hedge fund with one of the largest hedge funds in the world (GAM) and also a private equity fund.

Has advised corporates in India, Singapore, Hongkong. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, UK and USA on various investment banking assignments.

Has also been an Advisor / Retainer for the family offices of various Corporate and HNIs in Belgium and UK. His Qualifications include degrees like MSc, MMS & LLB.

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