Mr. Shaurya Sinngh
Executive Director

Mergers & Acquisitions for Theseus Ventures Limited, and is responsible for all M&A activities in existing lines of business and for developing Theseus diversification strategy.

With 12 years of experience in Mergers, Equity, and Luxury Industries. Key Person to Collaborate with World best Yachts and Luxury Brands in the World. Bringing some of the best Yacht brand Like (Tecnomar Admiral Yachts) to India.

Owing to his penchant for developing and assimilating new technologies of tomorrow, he has led the development of a number of new businesses in the travel & Luxury domain and continues to oversee recent diversification into aviation, Yachting, and hospitality. His success mantra is four fold: Conviction, Risk Taking, Relationships and Planning & Operational Excellence.

Mr. Sinngh's name is synonymous with innovation, growth and change in the Yachting And Luxury industries.


Shaurya Sinngh Holds a Professional Degree in Marketing, Public Relation, Sales, Industry Management & Investments.

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