Mr. Vijay D. Vyas

The first Indian to become a resident of China (post 1962-war), Mr. Vyas has the distinction of being one of the youngest Presidents at Reliance. This globe trotter has more than 28 years of experience in the varied fields of Information Technology, International Trading, Merchant Banking and Industrial Management and has spent more than 19 years at the helm of various companies at the CEO level.

He has over the years built excellent business relations across the globe, from China and South-East Asia to the USA and is known for his fluency in Mandarin(Chinese), Korean, Nepalese and quite a few Indian Languages.

He has worked extensively on the largest Speech Recognition Technology Project that serves the consumers of all the three Oil Companies of India in their local languages and dialects.

He enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge with the new guns of India and is a favorite guest lecturer at various MBA colleges in India. His passion for business and love for teaching is equally reciprocated by his students’ love for him.

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